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Recently signed by Universal Music Publishing Group, The Band Loula is an independent country/folk band hailing from North, GA. The band consists of Malachi Mills and Logan Simmons, lifelong friends and artists of their own respects.

Their sound blends traditional country/folk with a modern indie feel. The Band Loula has quickly gained a following in their hometown and beyond. Their lyrics often draw on personal experiences and relationships, with a touch of humor and wit that sets them apart from other acts in the genre.

In September of 2022, The Band Loula released their debut single, “My Mama Likes You,” which quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics about falling for someone your family approves of. They have since released 3 new singles, “If I Never Stayed The Night,” “Gettin’ Clean,” and “Gasoline,” a precursor to a list of additional singles that will be released in the coming months, including recently the announced “A Little At A Time.”

Together, as a live act, The Band Loula has a reputation for putting on energetic and heartfelt performances, with powerful harmonies and instrumentals that will make you want to dance.

With the support of Universal Music Publishing and a growing fanbase, The Band Loula is poised to become a stand out act in the indie/unsigned arena.

May 5
Brent Cobb
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