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The Broomestix are a nine piece band from Nashville, whose style blends several different genres of music to create a unique brand of R&B. Their music incorporates thumping  grooves, sultry horns, lush harmony and catchy R&B hooks. Their bedroom production process is minimal yet unlimited, and uses modern electronic sounds as well as real instruments. The Broomestix 2019 full length album, Y’all Need Anything (2019), is available on all music platforms and new music is on the way in 2020. Broomestix shows are a guaranteed party. From smooth-groovin’ songs you can sing to, to cocaine fusion, to classic country hits, they’ve got something for everyone. Check out to see when the Broomestix are passing through a city near you!

Oct 17
The California Honeydrops – Bye Bye Baby Tour
HI-FI Annex
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