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Against a backdrop of layered rhythm & blues and acoustic soul, Books is breaking into the musical landscape as only she can. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she is endearing audiences locally and abroad with her enchanting lyrics, soul-bearing melodies, and intricate voice. Originally from Nashville, TN, Books’ musicality and style developed from an early age, as a gospel musician and vocalist in her home church, and also being classically trained on violin, bassoon, and ballet. While the classics were her first love, watching her mother’s gospel voice stir audiences and getting her soul education from her father, Books was eager to expand her musical palette, and began her musical journey. Her first poems and short musical pieces were saved for the enjoyment of family and close friends, but she was quickly encouraged to share her talent outside of her circle. Books has since showcased her unique brand of acoustic soul to audiences in the US and on international stages. The honesty and variety of her music takes listeners on an impactful journey, with Books gliding her melodic soprano voice between her powerful belt and chilling falsetto.

Mar 27
Bashiri Asad & The Lady
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