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The Hammer & The Hatchet (aka John Bowyer & Jayme Hood) refined their musical artistries in the fabled hills of southern Indiana. They honed their skills and craft in the honest old-school tradition of doing the hard work with and for some of the most significant performers of the old/new music business.


Their hard work has been paying off. With hundreds live performances in the last several years, and their log-awaited third Album  “Road May Flood” hot off the presses, these road seasoned troubadours are swiftly traveling beyond their deep Bluegrass/New-grass/Americana roots, both musically and geographically, and into fresh territory where they have been defined as both “Authentic af” yet artistically “innovative and delightfully original”.


With masterful musicianship and endlessly appealing vocals, these genuinely adept co-writers never cease to deliver a deep well of originally introspective and heartfelt songs, of both comedy and tragedy, that consistently brings music lovers of all ages and sensitivities to their growing audiences.


Anyone who is paying attention knows these old-soul-porch-pickers are on the road to legendary success, and a growing legion of fans are coming along for the ride!

May 15
Fireside Collective (Moved To LO-FI)
LO-FI Lounge
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