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THE INSPECTOR CLUZO is a Gascony based Rock-Blues duo.

Created in 2008 by Laurent (Guitar, Lead Vocal) and Mathieu (Drums) besides they’ve played together for 30 years.

They met at their 1st year of Physics studies in Mont de Marsan.

Since 2008, the band have released 8 albums via their self run Label (F.TheBassPlayer Records), they are totaly 100% self-financed family based organized and 100% DIY.

They have played more than 1200 gigs in 67 countries all around the world. They played festivals such as Fuji Rock festival (Japan), Pentaport festival (South Korea, 3 times!), Lollapalooza (Brazil & Chile), Download (UK), Paléo festival (Switz), Oppikopi (South Africa), Blues Fest (Australia), Shaky Knees fest (USA) etc.

However, their main activity remains farming.

Indeed, they are also organic professional farmers. They run a 15Ha Family Farm called “LOU CASSE” (the oak in Gascon language) in Gascony, producing organic wheat and organic corn with their own free seeds. No GMO, No hybrids seeds only free seeds. Neither chemicals nor pesticides are used. They belong to a new generation of farmers that are into an Agro-Ecologic system challenging climate changing for the New generations. They are working with lots of local kids, sharing with them their knowledge of the soil. In that farm they are preserving rare species (disappearing with the climate changing) like Gascon geese, chickens, sheeps, turkey, goat (including the famous “Miguel”) having a partnership with “the Aquitaine Conservatory of Species”. They are Working on a unique model: an autarcic system including animals and cereals/végetables. Where animals by their natural work fertilize the soil to grow cereals/végétables replacing all chemical products. Farming-wise as well as music-wise, they just create the richness they need where they are. It’s a “Act Local thing Global” philosophy.

Their well awaited 9th LP “Horizon”, produced by Vance Powell (Raconteurs, Stapleton, Jack White) will be released end of January 2023.

May 21
The Inspector Cluzo
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