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Spirit Bomb – Anime Music Experience
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The Strange Music Squad is an Indianapolis-based Otaku DJ team consisting of SHIBASCREAM, KHTO RIDER, and TETSUO THE ROBOT, that has played clubs, conventions, and events from Indy to LA to Tokyo. The Strange Music Squad delights in delivering niche genres to new ears. Wielding omni-genre weapons from every element of electronic dance music and equipping them with anime, gamer, and geek materia, their limit break will make the entire room bounce. Their production company Capsule Kids Inc. specializes in cosplay dance party events with an EDM edge and regularly features at conventions such as Anime Crossroads, PopCon, and Ohayocon. They also host two different monthly anime & cosplay club night events for the 21+ cosplay community at both The Red Room and The Rabbit Hole in Indianapolis, IN. The trio brings their love of geek and con culture to da club and will Isekai your a$$ to another world. Come vibe out with the squad!

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