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Too Many Cooks is the most exciting, most unpredictable, and by far the most bussin’-est quartet of rockers Bloomington, Indiana has produced in the last few units of time. Theirs is an eclectic, sexy blend of psychedelic punk funk blues, with their debut single ‘stairs’ challenging the clichés and conventions of such roots as country, rock, and Americana with the utmost respect to the music’s origins and essence. Ed Lockwood sings and plays most of the guitar leads, with Marcus Drolet adding sonic texture with his Les Paul guitar + Marshall amplifier combination, Andrew Umana adding a funky, resilient bottom (with his bass), and Austen Eicher on drums (and vocals, sometimes!) These cats can cook! These fellas can swing! This music needs to be played LOUDLY!

Feb 11
Street Pennies
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