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Underneath a maelstrom of polyrhythmic guitars, sweeping vocals, and shuddering beats, Veil of Mayaencode a ponderous narrative at the core of their sixth full-length album, False Idol [Sumerian Records].This time around, a captivating concept drives the quartet—Marc Okubo [guitar], Sam Applebaum[drums], Danny Hauser [bass], and Lukas Magyar [vocals].

By channeling energy in one direction, force grows exponentially. Veil of Maya harness the individualexperiences and talents of four distinct musicians—Marc Okubo [guitar], Sam Applebaum [drums], DannyHauser [bass], and Lukas Magyar [vocals]—into airtight groove-laden metal accented by fits ofinstrumental virtuosity and vocal catharsis. This approach has endeared them to a devout fan base with critical acclaim and over 100 million total streams and counting (unprecedented for an outfit thiscrushingly heavy). The Chicago band draw on the strength of their union on their seventh full-lengthoffering, [m]other [Sumerian Records].

Jan 22
Veil of Maya – The Mother Tour (RESCHEDULED)
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