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Drummer Zach Danziger and bassist Kevin Scott are two of the baddest musicians on the global music scene. Wednesday Night Titans is their baby, a multimedia, Championship Wrestling-fueled extravaganza that’s one-part NASA-like brain challenge (Google “Zach Danziger TED Talk”), two parts interactive video shock treatment, and three parts future-music language lesson.

Utilizing the zany antics of such 1980s-era wrestling icons as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Randy “Macho Man” Savage as their video-projected inspirations, Wednesday Night Titans create a unique, proto-cosmic barrage, manipulating speech, video, music, and lights from their instruments in real time. It’s an over-the-top mind-gasm of roid-warrior madness, and performance art profundity.

Breaking ground is nothing new for Zach Danziger. As a fifteen-year-old at New York City’s Drummers’ Collective, he could often be heard jamming with the likes of Dave Weckl and Dennis Chambers, leaving these legendary drummers dumbfounded. At age seventeen, Danziger joined Latin pianist Michel Camilo’s groundbreaking trio before stoking guitarist Wayne Krantz’s blitzkrieg band for two pioneering albums. Danziger currently mans the drum chair with saxophonist Donny McCaslin’s (of David Bowie’s Blackstar) genre-busting band, and has written music and performed on over one hundred movie soundtracks including David Holmes’ popular Oceans’ series, and co-designed Zildjian cymbals Re-Mix, Kerope, and Avedis lines.

Alabama native bassist / producer Kevin Scott has an equally impressive resume, including longtime collaborations with Colonel Bruce Hampton, Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Herring, John McLaughlin, and Wayne Krantz; the mighty Matador Soul Sounds and FORQ currently benefit from Scott’s dynamic bass and extreme presence.

Staking visionary turf in today’s decentralized music business is tough. The trials are enormous, the gamble real, the obstacles daunting. As Jake “the Snake” Roberts proclaims in one massive Wednesday Night Titans track, “Some people are imitators and some people are innovators, and I am an innovator!”  Join Wednesday Night Titans as they step into the ring and drive their innovative, audiovisual battle-royale deep into your brain.

Sep 16
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