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Wildermiss has a lot to tell you. The Denver quartet quickly become a staple in their hometowns burgeoning and competitive music scene. Their individual brand of shimmering indie rock has quickly propelled them from basements to selling out theaters to touring all over the country. Frontwoman Emma Cole’s towering vocals rest on top of drummer Caleb Thoemke’s concrete rhythms, surrounded by the innovative dual guitar work of Seth Beamer and Joshua Hester. Their sound is honest and their energy is undeniable. Are you listening?

The group’s latest singles “Fallin’” and “Hell Or High Water” capture the sound of four artists coming into their own and securing their place in the spotlight. Full of urgency and determination, Cole’s chorus on “Fallin’” states “I’m not afraid to show you”, echoing the bands place in their climbing trajectory. The chant-along chorus of “Hey, you’re here” on their most recent single “Hell Or High Water” encapsulates the confidence and energy of the sound that Wildermiss have been crafting during their almost 3 years as a band.

If multiple national tours, a double feature on Last Call w/ Carson Daly and sold out headlining shows are any indication, great things are on the horizon for the foursome from Colorado. Are you listening?


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