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From the Motor City suburbs to Music City, Tennessee, Yueku’s second album of infectious up-beat indie bops is full of his signature dazzling production, toe-tapping melodies, and even a twang of country flair. Whereas Christian Koo’s first solo record, 2021’s Catch Me If You Can, was overflowing with intimate bedroom pop, this year’s new single PARADISE feels like stepping out of your bedroom to find a joyful house party full of all your best friends and crushes.

Aptly named PARADISE dials into that purity perfectly with an intoxicatingly distilled danceability. As the refrain goes, “All my tears disappear/ with you it’s just like paradise.” And it sounds like paradise too, full of lush layers and dreamy, summer-ready vocals that sound like a choir of angels. “It’s a simple love song for someone with some uncertainty about the afterlife, but the core message is that the time spent together here in the present is heaven enough for me.” Christian says.

Conversely, Yueku’s first duet, ONE SIDED feat. Abby Holliday, explores the mindless frustration of a relationship without reciprocity.Trading off leads, the male/female vocals play off the familiar anxiety singing “We’re out of control/ An all time low And I’m scared to know just when/ The whole thing’s gonna break.” Despite the difficult subject matter, the song soars with a thumping bassline and 80’s inspired shimmering synth, complete with Yueku’s signature drum-tight production.

Aug 18
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