Week 5 Results: American Bombshell & Giant Not Giant Advance To Semifinals

Congratulations to American Bombshell and Giant Not Giant who have both advanced to the Semifinal Round of the Battle of the Bands. The audience was treated to a big rock & roll night, with American Bombshell prevailing for first place and Giant Not Giant just squeezing past Fern Murphy for second. Momentum is rolling to support this regular weekly event that exclusively features live music. Thank you to all of the bands, and their fans, for a great evening of live local music.

1st Place: American Bombshell (Advances To Semifinals)
2nd Place: Giant Not Giant (Advances To Semifinals)

3rd Place: Fern Murphy
4th Place: Ballast
5th Place: Amanda Webb Band
6th Place: Dead In Indiana

We hope to see you next Wednesday for Week #6 with Audiodacity, Replaced By Robots, manners, please., Red Remains, Brother Gene, and The Interim Project.

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