Week #12 Results: Porch Kat & War On TV Advance To Semifinals

Congratulations to Porch Kat and War On TV who have both advanced to the Semifinal Round of the Battle of the Bands. This week’s competition had the narrowest gap between 1st and 2nd place out of all 12 weeks of the Battle, but Porch Kat hung on for the win. Thank you to all of the bands, and their fans, for a great evening of live local music.

1st Place: Porch Kat (Advances To Semifinals)
2nd Place: War On TV (Advances To Semifinals)

3rd Place: Awake The Wilde
4th Place: Meghan Cristeen Martin
5th Place: The Failers
6th Place: Molotov Monday

The Battle Semifinals will return starting on January 8, 2020! Competition will be even more fierce, so every vote counts! Be sure to come out and help your favorite local band advance!

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