Semifinal #1: 10 Tips To Keep Your Battle Game Strong

Published on Jan 7th, 2020

Are you ready to r-u-m-b-l-e? Battle of the Band’s Semifinal #1 gets under way on Wednesday January 8 at HI-FI in Fountain Square. Here are a few quick tips to … more »

Are you ready to r-u-m-b-l-e? Battle of the Band’s Semifinal #1 gets under way on Wednesday January 8 at HI-FI in Fountain Square. Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your experience!

Read up and make sure your ballot counts towards your favorite band:

  1. Arrive Early: Capacity crowds are expected. While we are confident we’ll get everyone through the door, we encourage you to plan ahead to allow a little extra time.
  2. Box Office Opens At 6 PM: The box office will open 1 hour before doors and start selling tickets. There is a 6 ticket limit on ticket purchases.
  3. Set Times: We have a blind draw for each band’s time slot at 5:30 pm. Follow our social media channels for an update shortly after, when we will post the set time for each band.
  4. Where Do I Go: There will be a couple different line queues to accommodate ticket holders. If you purchased your ticket online via a band promo code or with VIP table upgrade, you will go directly to the main door and show your ticket on your phone. If you purchased tickets day of show, you will follow the line that will form at our main door and extend INSIDE Pure Eatery. If no line exists, proceed to the main door.
  5. Max Capacity: One we hit our maximum capacity, we will slow ticket sales to ensure we get every one that has purchased through the door. We’ll work on a one in, one out system. Once more space opens up we’ll start selling tickets again. Be patient, there is always a mass exodus when a band finishes and their fans take a break.
  6. Vote For Three Bands: You must vote for three separate bands on your ballot: A first, second and third place. Any ballots that do not follow this format or are illegible will be thrown out. Make your vote count!
  7. You Can Vote Anytime: Can’t stay for the whole night? That’s okay. Every paid admission will receive a ballot. While we encourage you to stay and support all the bands, you are free to pop in, place your vote (for 3 bands!) and leave whenever you like.
  8. Support Our Sponsors: Our sponsors are the centerpiece of this event and make it possible to offer the amazing prizes. Drink Specials include $5 Goose Island cans & draft, $6 Jack Daniels cocktails and $5 White Claw. Plus we’ll have some special boozy slushies on deck.
  9. No Pass Outs: If you step outside for any reason, you’ll need to jump back in the re-entry line. This includes smoke breaks.
  10. Battle Merchandise: We will have both official Battle of the Bands shirts available for purchase at the event.

Be sure to hashtag all of your photos with #HIFIBattle and you’ll be automatically entered to win tickets to upcoming shows at HI-FI and The Vogue.

Reminder: HI-FI is a 21+ venue and you MUST (regardless of age) have a valid government issues ID. Paper or temp ID’s are NOT accepted.

See you at the show!

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