Published on Sep 13th, 2022

 D TOUR, a network of independent venues and promoters offering national artists locally-owned, unique venue experiences across multiple markets launched last March with nine original founders. The group has rapidly … more »

 D TOUR, a network of independent venues and promoters offering national artists locally-owned, unique venue experiences across multiple markets launched last March with nine original founders. The group has rapidly expanded to include 30+ affiliates, including Indianapolis-based MOKB Presents & HI-FI, incorporating hundreds of music venues nationwide. 

D TOUR consists of independent venues and promoters across the U.S. that are critical to developing an artist at the early stages of their career while providing opportunities to grow as the artist career gains momentum.  Collectively, D TOUR harnesses the audiences and marketing acumen of the venues while assisting in strategic tour routing across its member venues. The group seeks to ensure artists reach the right audiences in the best spaces suited to them. The expertise of each market’s D TOUR representative enables them to advocate for the artist in their respective territory and across the D TOUR network. 

“This marks one of the first unified efforts among independent promoters and venues to create multi-market opportunities for artists throughout the U.S. “ said MOKB co-founder Dan Kemer.

D TOUR founders Drusky Entertainment (PA), Hartke Presents/Wave/The Cotillion (KS), xBk Live (IA), Crowbar (FL), Production Simple / Headliners Music Hall (KY), Blue Water Partners/Floore Country Store (TX), Jay Ray Productions / Taos Mesa Brewing (NM), Bonafide Live, Inc. / Exit/In (TN) and Happy Dog (OH), encompassing a wide variety of venues with capacities ranging from 200-10,000. 

Since its inception, the network has expanded to include affiliates First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN),9:30 Club (DC), Nederlander Entertainment (OH), Best Life Presents (AZ), The UC Theatre (Bay Area, CA), Z2 Entertainment (CO), Premier Concerts/Manic Presents/Lovely Day Presents (CT), Rival Entertainment (GA), Duck Club Presents (ID), Treefort Music Fest, (Boise, ID) MOKB Presents/HIFI Indy (IN), Howlin’ Wolf (LA), Section Live (MI), MeanRed Productions (Detroit, MI), Ardenland (MS), Pub Station/1111 Presents (MT/WY), Jade Presents (ND/SD), Mississippi Studios/Revolution Hall (OR), Broadberry Entertainment Group (VA), World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA), The State Room Presents (UT), Higher Ground Presents (VT), Wild Buffalo House of Music (WA), Pablo Center at the Confluence (WI)

D TOUR has focused its expansion most heavily on secondary and tertiary markets throughout the country, including key routing markets and festivals, such as Treefort Music Fest.

“We see the D Tour coalition as a big win for artists and for music fans outside of the major markets. We built Duck Club and Treefort in Boise, an often overlooked market, because we believed a music scene could thrive and help bridge long drives across the West for touring artists. Ten years later, emerging artists are building solid fan bases in Idaho and local artists have much more national visibility and opportunity to build their careers without relocating. We think D Tour will offer similar scene-building nationwide, opening more avenues to artist development and strengthening the national music ecosystem at large. Independent venues and promoters are the grassroots of the national music scene and this effort will help strengthen those roots to the benefit of artists and music fans everywhere.”

Eric Gilbert, Co-Founder Treefort Music Fest & Duck Club Presents 

D TOUR offers artists, their teams and fans alike a connective and community-driven approach to enhance live music experiences. Most recently, D TOUR booked several dates for Minneapolis-based artist Durry. 

“The team at D Tour were excellent to work with. The care and commitment they put forth for DURRY, a young, developing band, was quite impressive. Their ability to connect the dots with all of the independent venues across the country was invaluable.

– Jackie Nalpant and Maegan Hall, Wasserman Music

Up next, D TOUR has finalized their next collective tour scheduled to begin March of 2023 with budding multi-instrumentalist, drummer, and singer Elise Trouw (656k followers on Instagram, 925k followers on Facebook), known for her self-produced YouTube videos (100+mm views), social media presence, and touring both as a solo looping artist and with her band. Trouw has toured with Incubus, Moon Child and others and has performed on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and recently had the honor of filling in on drums for Seal at one of his shows. In working with D TOUR, Trouw and her team will be able to take her new album – planned for early 2023 – on the road across multiple markets with one point of contact for this entire network. The added benefit for her and team is the comfort in knowing that this group is matching her with the best venues for her unique and popular sound, while also getting her in front of key audiences throughout the country.  

“We’ve really enjoyed working with D Tour as we plan out an Elise Trouw tour for 2023. Billy, Adam, Chris, and the team have made it very simple and have a great streamlined process to receive holds and offers, utilizing their independent venue network across the country.”

 – Scott Clayton and Marissa Smith, UTA

Touring Affiliates are the bridges that connect the underlying philosophy of D TOUR with the actual execution of bundling booking among the network itself. At the core of the D TOUR mission is to allow independents to collectively work together interdependently. An integrative collective of independent promoters and venues across multiple markets that form a unique ecosystem of entities, offering unique experiences, connected by a common set of values. Utilizing a nationwide network of affiliates D TOUR is opening up a new trade route that didn’t exist prior to D TOUR’s formation. 
For more information on D TOUR and to receive updates on coordinated touring efforts and more, please visit and follow the brand on social media at @DTourLive. For independent venues and promoters interested in learning more about how to join the D TOUR initiative, please reach out to for more information.

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