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Post-pandemic, Twen is an “absolutely scorched” rock-band rising from the ashes of 2 years of
canceled tours and broken ties to all music-industry execs. Ambitions were high for the
Nashville indie-hopefuls with a record-deal, two European tours completed and a North
American run scheduled in 2020. Now off-the-grid, the duo lives in a pandemic-built,
self-converted van circling around their 3 Nashville bandmates; self-producing and releasing
their next body of music with a D.I.Y. ethos and a fuck-you attitude.

Though Twen got their start in Boston’s DIY scene in 2016, their sound was less rough-edged
indie or punk and more hard-edged pop with jangly tendencies. Fueled by an irrational urge to
craft songs with no lyrics, the 4-piece rock-band toured America & Canada for 3 years with no
recorded music, except for a live-demo recorded from their first show in a Boston basement;
selling thousands of their hand-made, upcycled shirts along the way.

After moving to Nashville in 2017 and landing a rosy record deal with
FrenchKiss Records, the band led by Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones released their debut LP,
‘Awestruck’ in 2019; a polished version of their live set. Now, in the wake of their deflated-debut,
the band’s hungry attitude and elevated songwriting proves you can do it yourself.

Apr 14
Carriers / Twen
LO-FI Lounge
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