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Moving from London to Hollywood back in 2014, Billy Tibbals quickly found a love for the city and its esoteric, debauched history. Combining this with his childhood obsession with British rock and roll, surrealist literature, and musicals from the 1940’s, Billy’s music presents a unique and fantastical view of the world around us. As a part of the exciting new wave of rock and roll music emerging from Los Angeles, Billy hopes to inspire the youth to get off their phones and come join in with the fun. It’s only just begun!

Rocker Billy Tibbals draws on his influences and introduces a bombastic and riveting British-inspired attitude with his debut effort Stay Teenage. Billy and his band will debut these songs on his tour with Mac Saturn in Winter 2023.

Feb 16
Mac Saturn – Until The Money Runs Out Tour
HI-FI Indianapolis
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