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“Fast-paced punk and psychedelia culminate together to create what we call ‘Chives.’ Face-melting yet danceable tunes that bring any crowd to the soles of their shoes” -Maxwell Denari

“After four years of 7-inch vinyl and cassette releases, the arrival of the first full-length Chives LP is a major event for dedicated fans and an exciting introduction for new listeners. Led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Ryan Perkins, the Indianapolis group is an intense but fun combination of punk-rock roots, psychedelic vibes, and a twisting, turning, angular punch that reminds me of Zappa, Beefheart, Sparks, the Residents, Snakefinger, Devo, and–well, I think you get the picture! The title track has a great “majestic” heavy-metal feel, but sabotages any generic possibilities with eccentric vocalizing and changes that feel like they come from Indiana avant-gurus MX-80 Sound, not Metallica. Dig “Opus & Absentia,” which seems to alternately reference Thin Lizzy, the Sweet, and Sparks–or something?–killer outta-kilter stuff! “Pistol” has a similar off-center heavy swagger–check them double leads! There are also some Chives favorites revived and re-arranged a bit: “Family Pearls,” “Payasso,” “Porcelain.” This is an amazing debut from a major talent who deserves to be known far outside Indiana and the Midwest!” –Eddie Flowers, Vulcher magazine


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