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Five people, five towns, and a few hundred miles in between…none of this should have ever worked. Still, fate has a funny way of bending the rules.  CLIFFS represents a leap of faith.  A departure from the safety of the wheel they all found themselves stuck spinning in.  Like yarn-linked thumbtacks on an evidence board, there was something undeniably connective from the first time.  With passion at the forefront, their music floats atop the pool of category.  It is abstract, but familiar.  It is wherever you want to go.  It is echoes of old, and a glimpse of new, an homage to the sounds that raised them.  The modern five-piece Rowan Stewart-drums, Stephen Kovach-guitar, Chris McConnell-vocals, Steve Pierce-bass, and Seth Jenkins-guitar, walk you back to a time when you had to adjust the volume on the radio.  A live show that resonates as honest experience, meant to drink like rainwater, and feed your imagination with lyrics of absurdity, universality, and themes of being human.  Determined to leave an impression on whoever is willing to listen CLIFFS brings you their first single “Imagine You”
Jun 19
Sam Burchfield & The Scoundrels
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