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EDGAR RED is a loud-n-rowdy rock band based in Louisville, Kentucky. Formed by Matt “Red” Moore and Mack Keiffer, the band has been active since 2017. Edgar Red’s music is characterized by heavy guitar riffage, pounding drums, and most notably Red’s grungy high vocal range, often being compared to the lates Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, and Shannon Hoon. Edgar Red’s rhythm section is comprised of longtime bandmates Travis Meredith (bass) and Ryan Chadwick (drums).

The band has released one album, an LP simply titled EDGAR RED (2018). The band plans to release a second album in 2020.

Edgar Red has toured areas of the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast United States and will expand their trek to more south-western regions in 2020.

Jan 7
SABBATH: The Complete Black Sabbath Experience
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