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Aug 11
HI-FI Indianapolis
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FEVERDREAM. began in Fall of 2019 in Indianapolis, IN after childhood best friends, Mikey Garrett and Ian Kinsey started playing music together. They fleshed out their chemistry with band members Vinny Corsaro and Geoffrey Sears and have been gigging since Spring 2021.

“The band has primarily a garage rock vibe somewhere between The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and other like-minded bands that were very popular around fifteen years ago…Twin Flames was a great EP. The band writes good songs and the performances are top notch” – Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer

After releasing five singles, FEVERDREAM. released their first EP in October 2021 entitled Twin Flames. Momentum is building thanks in large part to their most popular song, Sugar Skull, catching attention on social media and streaming services. FEVERDREAM.’s music has percussive, driving rhythms accompanied with well-timed vocal melodies and intentionally placed lead patterns. The result is a fun indie rock sound with catchy leads and a meaningful story to tell in the lyrics.

We hope to play for you soon.

Oct 19
Stop Light Observations
HI-FI Indianapolis
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