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GEMINI SYNDROME welcomes you to the third and final degree of your initiation into the Synner Society. 3rd Degree – The Raising, is GEMINI SYNDROME’s third full length album. Following the band’s 2013 debut Lux, and 2016 sophomore LP Memento Mori, this new album offers the closing chapter in a trilogy of song and narrative. This order of three steps, and three albums, is not by chance, but is a nod to many of the initiatory traditions that exist and act as a vessel for transmitting and preserving the Sacred Knowledge throughout the ages. The intention is to provoke the listener to think about the mystery of life, the nature of reality, the roles we play, and the masks we wear in this world. Wherein Lux, meaning “Light,” was concerned with birth; and Memento Mori, meaning “Remember That We Must Die,” dealt with the finite nature of life; the focus and message of 3rd Degree – The Raising, is of traversing Death, being Reborn and reintegrating with our True Self, and thus being raised into the next degree of experience. 
 “Every quest within deserves a good soundtrack…” — GS°

Dec 3
Wednesday 13 Performing Murderdolls
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