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Glasslands, a hard-hitting and energetic band known to experiment in the atmospheric rock realm, is on track to release their highly anticipated album, ‘The Deep’. The band, consisting of Josh Kincheloe (vocals), Jordan DiSorbo (guitar), and Brandon Mullins (drums), creates an eclectic sound where their influences, ranging from heavy to low-fi, are demonstrated through their intricate use of technical elements in their songs.

‘The Deep’ is an atmospheric rock album full of heavy riffs and classic alternative melodies. It was produced by Brian “Bone” Thorburn, Josh Kincheloe, and Jordan DiSorbo, engineered by Thorburn and Nick Ingram, and was mixed and mastered by Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo. This concept album follows the main character, Mr. Creeps, who resides in a place called The Deep. According to Josh, “The Deep is a place where all of the negative aspects of your life live. Failure, anxiety, depression all lie in The Deep, and it’s always there waiting for you. Mr, Creeps is your alter ego. He is the personified worst version of yourself, and his goal is to keep you down there.”

The tracks on the album are independent of each other, but all feature references to Mr. Creeps and The Deep, which continuously builds on the metaphor that these feelings are repetitive and all-encompassing. ‘The Deep’ is a realistic perspective of negative emotions and is a collection of songs to help you through them.

Oct 26
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