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Old-school metal outfit Gruesome make hardcore, thrash, and death metal in the vein of such classic bands as Florida’s Death and California’s Slayer. Formed by Exhumed guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey and ex-Malevolent Creation drummer Gus Rios, Gruesome came together after Harvey and Rios participated in the “Death to All” Death reunion tour in 2012. Inspired by their shared love of the early Death albums and the late-’80s/early-’90s death metal sound, Harvey and Rios began writing songs together. With Harvey writing and recording his vocals in California, Florida-based Rios brought in Possessed guitarist Daniel Gonzalez and Derkéta bassist Robin Mazen to lay down the instrumental tracks. In 2015, Gruesome released their debut full-length album, Savage Land, on Relapse Records. For their follow-up project, 2016’s Dimensions of Horror EP, Gruesome paid homage to Death’s classic Scream Bloody Gore album. The more progressive-sounding Sound of Perseverance EP arrived a year later in March 2017, followed by the band’s sophomore full-length effort, Twisted Prayers, in 2018.

Apr 4
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