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From 2016-2020, every first friday of the month at Canter’s Kibitz Room was “HARD TAYS NIGHT.” Curated and hosted by saxophonist Taylor Plenn, every “NIGHT” would bring with it an eclectic mix of performers, artists, and acts; all with expressive abilities and industry-leading intuition. Many creative and sexy people, including celebs (Tommy Wiseau, Cedric Yarborough “Deputy Jones” from Reno 911, Emily Ratajkowski) would frequent this evening, thus cementing its legacy as a top-notch hang and creative experience on Fairfax Avenue (one of the top avenues in Tinseltown).

In 2022, HARD TAYS NIGHT was given a new lease on life. Opening for Man Man, what used to be every first Friday has turned into an immersive, live experience for concert-goers nationwide. Taylor Plenn on woodwinds, accompanied by Kevin Riggin on electronics; have bottled up some of the absolute best of the HARD TAYS NIGHT catalog to share with the hungry commonwealth. The learnings and blessings of HARD TAYS are soon to become the next viral sensation, with many venues in Los Angeles vying to become its “permanent destination” once the traveling act returns home.


Jul 6
Man Man
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