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A 3-piece beach-goth doom-bop band from Indianapolis that shines an absurdist light on these dark times. Sludgy and fuzzy, surfy and scuzzy, these collaborators waste no time getting to the point—art is the way forward. Though together for only a year, they have melded a sound uniquely their own. Propelled by the ripping fuzz bass of Alec Hill, co-lead vocalists Sara Jean Potts (drums) and Peter King (guitar) trade off words of futility and utility—what comes and goes, what ebbs and flows, what’s the point, you know? Just rock and roll.

King has been amicably circling the circle city for decades—Peter and the Kings, Creeping Pink, Thee Open Sex, Learner Dancer, Impossible Shapes, and so on. SJ spent her time in Chicago pounding the pagan skins with Nones and Snake Boobs. Hill showed up to practice one day with a bass and a mustache—ready to shred. Make no mistake, Wasting Paper flirts with pop, but bops with stomps. Think B-52s meets Sonic Youth in a back alley of cosmic truth. Let’s rip.

Jul 27
The Velveteers
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