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With an essence somewhere between the excitement of Nirvana and the heavy simplicity of early Black Sabbath and 70s British rock, HERO JR gives listeners all the expected dynamics, power and unscripted performances of a great classic rock band, with melodic, lyrical and musical hooks that keep listeners singing along. Hero Jr. has played over 950 shows since 2010 and has a reputation for playing different shows each night, often stretching their well-written rock tunes into epic jams.HERO JR’s new single is a unique remake of the Beatles’ legendary Eleanor Rigby. The band has never been inspired to cover an outside song but Eleanor has had a relationship with HERO JR for almost six years, starting as an impromptu soundcheck jam, and later finding it’s way into the band’s live set. It takes confidence to cover a classic and HERO JR’s Eleanor is a guaranteed head-banger for any rock music aficionado. The band received both the blessing of Apple Corps., and rotation on Sirius XM’s Beatles Radio.

All of the songs on the new HERO JR LP “Everyone” were recorded live in the band’s rehearsal space with minimal equipment and the four self-proclaimed “rock and roll lifers” have faithfully captured their live sound on the recording. In a world of calculated arrangements and production, where rock bands are often more pop than rock, HERO JR records as they perform. All live. No overdubs.

Jun 4
Hero Jr.
HI-FI Annex
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