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I Ya Toyah is not a musical act, she’s a movement.

When spoken out loud in her native Polish, the words “I Ya Toyah” translate to “It’s just me.” These simple, but powerful words act as an unwavering mission statement that guides every aspect of her career as a musician, singer, composer, producer, remix artist, and performer. As a “one woman army,” she meticulously oversees every step of her career; from the songwriting, recording and mixing of her music, to the programming of each and every light used in her passionate live performances.

In just a few short years, this Chicago area phenom has released several critically acclaimed recordings, organized the creation of multiple award-winning music videos, and toured the United States multiple times. 

I Ya Toyah effortlessly combines elements of industrial, pop, electro, darkwave, and alternative rock into a unique aural tapestry that acts as the perfect backdrop for her intensely personal lyrics; but it’s the power and versatility of her voice that has the music industry talking. Her potent vocal performances effectively deliver a message that is modern, relatable, and speaks to the paranoia of everyday reality.

Aug 20
Stabbing Westward
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