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Hey, thanks for being here. I’m JD Eicher. I wrote these songs, and my band and I drive all over the place playing this music and hoping to find our people. It’s a precarious business model. Our van is always about to fall apart, and I’m barefoot in gross motels more than I could ever admit to my mom. She’d kill me. (And I know I should have “motel flip flops” or something, but last summer, I went on a trip with my family and forgot to pack SHIRTS, so the flip flops are a pretty big leap for me right now.) Anyway, I’m obsessed with music, I am mentally about 19 years old, and I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and a small, fixer-upper sailboat. I feel unqualified at all times, but I love it. And it seems like most of this stuff works itself out when it’s right in front of your face and you’re the one who has to manage it. Like changing diapers or bailing rainwater out of the tarp that’s covering an old boat in your driveway. You’re gonna get wet, but there are towels. I think I started writing these songs to make sense of a world that, at best, makes no sense to me, and at worst, hurts like hell. And I guess I’m still making music because it all still makes no sense to me, and it still sometimes hurts like hell. And because music has been the constant, and it’s always helped me glimpse some beauty and feel some joy, even though it all doesn’t quite make sense. So if any of this is making sense to you, hi. And if not, you still read this, so thanks, and still, hi.

Oct 3
Great Lake Swimmers
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