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Jonathan Plevyak is a retro minded rock & soul singer-songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Feeling burnt out by modern, fast paced digital pop culture, Plevyak started down a rabbit hole in late 2022 immersing himself in records and artists from the 50’s & 60’s. Pulling inspiration from the greats such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, & Billie Holiday, Plevyak wrote an entire record of songs that feel planted in that era. Plevyak assembled a crew of his talented friends in Nashville to make the record. Choosing to record the music live together in the same room, using vintage gear and microphones, the self produced album called “Made In The Shade ” sounds like a vinyl record straight off the record store shelves in the 1950s . The first single “Wild, Love” will make its debut in February, 2023 followed by releasing a consistent stream of vintage music, delivering high energy live shows across Music City, as well as a retro soaked social media branding style to evoke a lost time.

Life is complicated for all of us these days. Plevyak wants to reach back and simplify. “It’s a time that’s cherished,” he says. “Most of us weren’t alive to experience it”. “To try and bring it back in today’s climate feels like a fun challenge”. He adds. “I’m asking the listener to join me on a little three minute journey to step back in time and just vibe”.

Rooted in nostalgia, Plevyak’s music goal is to make you miss a time you never experienced.

Jonathan released his debut EP “Made In The Shade” on January 19th, 2024. A separate full length album will also be on the way later this year.

May 10
Pokey LaFarge
HI-FI Annex
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