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In the ever-evolving realm of artistry, where boundaries blur and creativity thrives, there emerges a luminary who defies categorization. As we delve into the sonic tapestry of his illustrious career, we uncover a performer with over two decades of mastery, crafting a sanctuary of solace and elation for his captivated audience. After an eight year run with Saint Aubin, opening for artists like X Ambassadors and sold out performances at Lincoln Hall, mffred is embarking on his own journey.

Stepping into the world of mffred’s performance is akin to finding a safe haven in the tumultuous sea of existence. Through his mellifluous melodies and magnetic stage presence, he envelops his audience in a cocoon of comfort and jubilation. Whether in an intimate coffeehouse or on a grand stage, he weaves a spellbinding atmosphere, leaving audiences awash with joyous rapture.

Mar 28
Miki Fiki + MFFRED
LO-FI Lounge
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