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Mo Lowda & the Humble / The Bright Light Social Hour

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Mo Lowda & the HumbleMo Lowda & the Humble are a self-produced indie rock band hailing from Philadelphia. The band just finished up their fourth LP, to be self-titled and released March 3, 2023 with five singles leading up.  Since releasing their debut album in 2013, they’ve vastly expanded the sonic exploration of their recorded material whilst developing a dialed-in, yet energetic live show through persistent touring. Read More

The Bright Light Social Hour – Austin-based pop-psychopomps The Bright Light Social Hour have made a triumphant return with their delectable and electrifying new album “Emergency Leisure”. Comprised of Jackie O’Brien (bass/vocals), Curtis Roush (guitar/vocals), Mia Carruthers (keys/vocals), Zac Catanzaro (drums), and Juan Alfredo Ríos (percussion), the band once again showcase their exceptional and infectious melodies, flooded with their distinctive propulsive rhythms and big energy. Read More

Mar 21
Mo Lowda & the Humble + The Bright Light Social Hour
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