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When you take a group of musicians like those in NEW MONARCH who have pierced the veil of the music industry (getting a taste of success) and drop them into a twilight-zone-esque Covid-19 quarantine, the resultant material will be directly reflective of their own personal experience. They didn’t sit and listen to what everyone else was doing, they didn’t work with any other musicians and they didn’t tour with bands that influenced them. The proverbial blinders were on and they did what came naturally. NEW MONARCH consists of Ryan Williams, whose term as guitarist and songwriter for Red Sun Rising helped thrust the band from garage to greatness and James Lascu and Matt Puhy, AKA the powerhouse rhythm section from rock band Wilson (a band known for their amazing live shows)! Adding fresh perspective is vocalist Sabastian Duke. His soulful voice and soaring range are highlights of every song.

Jul 13
Royal Bliss
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