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Midwest bred in the heart of Indiana. Russ takes influence from Green Day to Jack Johnson to create a folk energy sound. With humble beginnings as a solo artist Russ began writing songs to entertain friends. As his passion and popularity began to grow locally he took in other songwriters like Jack Johnson and Townes Van Zandt. This would payoff in his ability to connect lyrically with his audience creating a cult following. In 2009 Russ released his first full length studio album Goodfish. Russ began touring regionally with the act Russ Baum and Huck Finn with his home state taking notice as the act was awarded Best Overall Local Artist and Best Folk/Country Act by the readers of Indys favorite alternative news source, NUVO magazine. Together Russ and Huck released One Hit in 2012 and fan fave Fricke in 2014. Russ officially joined forces with Dirty Wax Entertainment as a solo artist in 2017 by signing his first management deal. Which unfolded into recording collaborations with leaders in the punk/rock/reggae genre as well as full US tours. His 2018 release of East Coast was recorded by Adam Patterson of The Expendables. 2019 has been another smashing year for Russ as his U.S. touring continues to thrive and he now has added a tour in the U.K. to his resume. His current project, Meager Kings has been produced by Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! with guest appearances by Jason DeVore of Authority Zero.

Jun 10
HI-FI Annex
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