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Secondhand Sound is a curated collective of indie music, infused heavily with alternative rock. The band elevates modern instrumental sound with interpolated, ironic, and alluring songwriting. After meeting in college in the fall of 2018, the members officially formed Secondhand Sound and actualized their mission of becoming the biggest band in the world.

The Nashville-based band is coming off of their first national headline tour, performing their debut album, “The Best and Worst of Times.” Secondhand Sound complements their discography with inventive visual mediums, including the manifestation of the band’s spirit, the elusive and contemplative Stranger.

Armed with the inspiration of energizing humanity, Secondhand Sound reigns audiences in with their elevated coming-of-age aesthetic. Grounded by their loyalty and reverence to the process, Secondhand Sound is immersed in maturing the style they’ve nurtured as they prepare to shift into high gear and release their third EP in the fall of 2022.

Jul 17
Savannah Conley
White Rabbit Cabaret
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