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New York City Hardcore legends Sick Of It All aren’t slowing down with age, the long-standing quartet are still pissed off…

The genre stalwarts still see many years ahead. Sick Of It All remain a beacon of continuity, integrity and resolve. That’s good news for Sick Of It All fans and the hardcore scene. Since forming in 1986, Sick Of It All have traveled the world many times over, played in front of hundreds of thousands and released 11 acclaimed full-length albums. The latest of which is the riotous if anthemic “Wake the Sleeping Dragon!”. That Sick Of It All continue to live by the standards in their original charter isn’t a matter of course, it’s part of their respective DNA. Hardcore is Sick Of It All.

Aug 19
Life Of Agony + Sick Of It All
HI-FI Annex
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