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After growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Spilly Cave moved to NYC for college where he ended up playing guitar with artists such as Samia and Blu DeTiger. He also became friends with Taylor Mackall and through this helped in the writing process and played on his record The Boy and the Saints, which featured legendary musicians such as Sam Wilkes, Sam Gendel, Sean Hurley and Fabiano do Nascimento. Through all this though he always wanted one day to create his own music and produce everything himself, and that is where Spilly Cave was born. Now back home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Spilly Cave spent years learning production with the help of local friends Exmag and @YAM YAM. This expertise in live performance and composition eventually lead to the genesis of his first self produced album in 2019. Day to day he was still working at the Pennsylvania Dental Association to make ends meet but after Covid-19 hit everything changed. Using his unemployment benefits as a chance to work full time on music for the first time since summer vacation in highschool, Spilly Cave took the rare chance at a government subsidized career in the arts. This lead to becoming a TikTok creator and the release of his self-titled record Spilly Cave which has earned millions of streams in only its first year released. This all culminated in receiving a message from a member of UK indie rock band Lovejoy’s very own Ash Kabosu offering to open on a sold out tour across the country.
Jun 8
Delta Sleep
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