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WELCOME to Cyco City!

You’re in the right place for everything Sumo Cyco! This site is run by me, Skye aka Sever Sweetnam including our official merch store!

We are about to transcend into an explosive new era with our upcoming full-length, Initiation, scheduled for release on May 7, 2021 via Napalm Records!

SUMO CYCO is Matt “MD13” Drake, Matt “Trozzi”,  Oscar Anesetti & me, Skye “Sever” Sweetnam.

You may have seen us on tour with bands such as Jinjer, The Birthday Massacre, Nonpoint, The Butcher Babies, Fozzy, Alien Ant Farm, The 69 Eyes, Devilskin & more!

We have released “Lost in Cyco City” in 2014 and “Opus Mar” in 2017, NOW we are excited to announce “INITIATION” in 2021!

The album’s title, Initiation, stems from wanting to invite the audience to be “initiated” into our world. There are usually two congruent themes to each of our albums – one is real-world inspiration, and the other is “Cyco City”, a comic book-esque alternate universe where all our music videos take place. With Initiation, we introduce four gangs or clubs. Our music videos for Initiation all include a theme of these clubs – whether it’s gang vs. gang, a forbidden love between opposing sides, or the idea of having to choose where you belong.

Outside of the story, the lyrics relate to the polarization of the world we live in now. We all have a longing to belong, but what makes one feel accepted or ostracized from a group? To be INITIATED, would you be willing to try to understand another point of view? I have always written lyrics about internal struggle, the war within oneself. Throughout the album, we bounce back and forth between struggle and overcoming. It reflects the times, and there are moments that seem a bit dark.”

May 3
Buckcherry – RELOCATED
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