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Tchotchke is Anastasia Sanchez (drums, vocals) and Eva Chambers (bass, vocals) and Emily Tooraen (guitar, vocals). As teenagers, Sanchez and Chambers both played in Los Angeles’ indie-darlings Pinky Pinky and recorded for the Innovative Leisure label. Now all grown up, at the ripe old age of 22, the NYC-based trio ushers in a new era with a new band name, home turf, line-up and of course, music.

The band’s debut single, “Dizzy,” was recorded on Long Island in Brian and Michael D’addario’s (aka The Lemon Twigs) parents’ basement. The Twigs produced the track and it’s the first of many recordings made with them. “It’s a song about old flames and the notion that a relationship could be more exciting ‘the second time around,’” Sanchez said.

The band filmed the “Dizzy” video in Super 8 with help from friend Hilla Eden. The video features Anastasia, Eva and Emily, in a bloody boxing match cut with additional performance shots from inside the ring. The video co-stars Chambers’ grandfather “Papi” as the ring card man. It was shot at Heavy Hitter Gym in Jersey City, New Jersey. The gym’s owner Big J gave the band a boxing lesson before the shoot.

May 1
The Lemon Twigs
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