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Tedious & Brief is a Chicago based alternative pop artist who’s airy synth

and smooth vocals create nostalgic anthems. Her debut single

“Papercuts,” a sentimental track touching on themes such as longing for the

past and its “moments of gold,” is Jamie Jacobsen’s first release as

Tedious & Brief. The song serves to set the mood for the rest of Tedious &

Brief’s debut self-titled EP. Her latest single “Slow Down,” introduces new

pop elements and catchy melodies while maintaining the anthemic feel of

the EP. With strong family ties to music, Jacobsen, now 22, took up guitar

and songwriting at a young age. Jacobsen identifies some of her earliest

influences as Stevie Ray, Muddy Waters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers,

though her style has strayed greatly from the nostalgic rock of her

childhood to form a more polished sound featuring airy synth elements and

smooth vocals akin to Maggie Rogers or Lorde.

Dec 3
First Friday: Tedious & Brief + Abby Holliday
LO-FI Lounge
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