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Tristan Tritt describes himself as “an outsider.” Yet, this vantage point enables his music to stand out.

Growing up, the Georgia native always separated himself from the pack. Rather than adopt the usual Gen-Z fixations of peers overly obsessed with how many “likes” they can get for the next social media post, he magnetically gravitated towards rock, metal, and blues. He committed all of his free time to the recording studio and the stage, cutting his teeth with countless shows and building buzz.

Now, he douses grunge-inspired songcraft in hard rock attitude and sets it on fire with an incendiary and infectious sound of his own. At the same time, his words cut deep as he confronts the realities of a confused post-COVID generation raised in chaos.

Ultimately, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist breaks the mold of what rock music can be and say in 2023 with a series of independent singles and more to come.

“For me, every day is an opportunity to grow and push the boundaries of creativity,” he says. “So, I’m constantly figuring things out. Nowadays, people of my era believe they need to know exactly who they are by a certain age. The entire purpose of life is to evolve and realize what works for you and what doesn’t. My music is based on a hunger for knowledge.”

Guitar Hero opened the door for a future in music, and he stepped right in. He immersed himself in albums by Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Motörhead, among others. Even though he never quite bonded with his classmates, he found acceptance from his favorite artists.

“I didn’t like the same type of fashion and pop culture that the other kids did,” he notes. “I never had a sense of belonging with a group, but I felt like I could dive into music.”

At 11-years-old, he picked up his first Fender Stratocaster and never put it down. He went from tirelessly practicing staples such as Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” and Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” to penning tunes of his own. Following high school, he graduated from a recording engineering school in Arizona and spent a short stint in California.

During 2020, he returned to Georgia and doubled down on music. He often performed four open mic nights per week in between marathon recording sessions. 2022 saw Tristan introduce himself with “Oblivion” and “Right On Time.” Meanwhile, he kicked off 2023 with “Nervous System Overload,” receiving acclaim from the likes of Audacy, Medium, and more. Everything just set the stage for the next phase.

His single “No Filter” illuminates the dynamic of his approach. On the track, clean guitar wraps around a glitchy beat. Simultaneously, he stretches his vocal range, fluttering between a laidback flow and breathy infection. The momentum gives way to an infectious and impactful refrain punctuated by a fret-burning guitar lead.

“So many of our interactions are based on vanity,” he observes. “In reality, who you are on social media is completely different from who you are in real life. There’s actual filter in place, and we play the game by commenting and pretending. I think it’s not just damaging for kids, but adults who constantly scroll through social media without understanding the majority of what they’re looking at is artificial. I’m seeing beyond the façade.”

It takes an outsider like Tristan to see beyond the façade and, ultimately, push rock into new territory.

“When you listen to me, I want you to know it’s okay to feel like you don’t belong,” he leaves off. “It’s okay to not be who everyone else wants you to be. I’m going to be the voice to comfort you. I never felt like I belonged. Music resonated with me and made me feel like, ‘ I’m not alone’. I’m trying to give you the same feeling my favorite artists did.”


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