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Waiting For Eternity is a Rock Band from Tennessee.  Members include Shane Grubb (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Tony Cook (Bass, Guitars), Edison Vidro (Drums).


We want to create music to share our story – the story that everyone shares some part of – getting through hard times, learning who we are (or are not),  finding the strength to push on, growing stronger from hard times, learning that you are never truly alone and ultimately,  to encourage and lead others to the truth that there is HOPE and something better to be found on the other side of struggle, frustration, defeat, failure, pain and loss.


We want our listeners to know that we are with them in this journey that continues everyday of all of our lives.


Waiting For Eternity has worked hard with CA Producer and lead singer of RA, Sahaj Ticotin, on 8 new songs that are releasing now and throughout 2021.

Nov 17
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