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War On TV is a post-hardcore progressive rock band formed in Indianapolis in 2017. After releasing their debut album, “Family Friendly”, in June of 2018, the band immediately began work on their follow-up EP, “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, which was released in December 2018. After the dust settled, the band began work on their follow-up full-length album, due out by the end of 2019. To appease their rabid fan base, they released an exclusive and limited two-song collection called “Pages” for Record Store Day on April 13, 2019. When the band isn’t busy selling t-shirts and tickets, writing songs, and driving their bus around, the quartet enjoy long walks on the beach with their dogs and all-expenses paid festival opportunities and fancy vacations from kind and generous benefactors.

Nov 13
King Buffalo
HI-FI Indianapolis
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