Street Play: Rock Paper Scissors Championship


Street Play will be in effect throughout the night of the tournament. Street Play is defined as individual RPS matches happening during the tournament among audience members. Tournament participants may also engage in Street Play, but those results have no bearing on the official tournament outcome. Challenge a buddy, a bartender or the dude that just got knocked out in the first round. 

Players and spectators can wager “PBR Bucks” during Street Play. Each official player is given one PBR Buck to start with, Spectators receive 5 PBR Bucks with each paid admission.  Additionally, HI-FI will have random challenges and specials to help you earn you additional PBR Bucks.  Wager your PBR Bucks during “side matches” to try and earn the most bucks by the end of the event. 

At the end of the night, the person with the most PBR Bucks will win $100 cash! All Street Play is self-governed and follows standard RPS rules. There will be no referee present during Street Play. In the event of a discrepancy remember: You’re drinking beer and playing RPS, so figure it out. Players who “pool” their earnings or work as a group will be disqualified from Street Play. Event officials will be watching!