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America Part Two is a pure, unabashed, unjudged, primal release. It is being tuned in to the source energy of the Universe as society crumbles before your eyes. It is living in the carcass of an empire; watching mushrooms grow out of the nutrient-deficient pile of rubble that once was the United States, and knowing that We The People are meant for so much more. It is loose, intense rock music for those dancing on the razor’s edge. The new EP ‘AP2-niverse’ is out now. Read More

Tristan Tritt describes himself as “an outsider.” Yet, this vantage point enables his music to stand out.

Growing up, the Georgia native always separated himself from the pack. Rather than adopt the usual Gen-Z fixations of peers overly obsessed with how many “likes” they can get for the next social media post, he magnetically gravitated towards rock, metal, and blues. He committed all of his free time to the recording studio and the stage, cutting his teeth with countless shows and building buzz. Read More

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