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Arboretum is an indie band from the small town of Zionsville, IN, home of corn fields and late-night country drives. Their self-titled album “Arboretum” blends acoustic and electric themes within a range of genres including indie folk, pop, and rock. The entire project was completed collaboratively by the three high school seniors, including writing, recording, engineering, and producing.

Members: Jack Schrepferman (vocals/guitar/keys/bass/production) Cooper Davenport (lead vocals/guitar/saxophone/keys) Evan Emsley (vocals/lead guitar/bass/keys)

Arboretum sees themselves as less of a traditional band and more of a collective; it’s an unconventional dynamic where the three bounce between instruments and roles. Not originally singers nor guitarists, the bandmates are childhood friends with musical roots in school jazz ensembles, which evolved into each having their own passions for the diverse genres that inspired “Arboretum.” In June 2020, the three gathered and shared aspirations of releasing an LP by the time of their graduation. The name Arboretum was grown from the nature/home town vibe that their music was cultivated from, as well as the tree themed street names in the Zionsville village.

Jack, Cooper, and Evan will soon be scattered across the country, attending Belmont University, University of Virginia, and Purdue University in the fall of 2021. Though, there is still assurance of the three friends continuing to follow their dreams of releasing music together. (:

Aug 10
By Indy, For Indy 2023 w/ midwxst
HI-FI Annex
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