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The Name “Current Entertainment” was born when Blankenship wasn’t sure what to name his band when asked in West Virginia 2019, before the band we know today even existed; “Current Entertainment” was the first name that came to mind, and it stuck!

The first tastes of Current Entertainment came when Aiden and Eric met in a Guitar Center in Columbus, Indiana, circa summer 2018. They met over a jam, when Eric was playing Sitar and Aiden decided to grab a guitar off the wall and joined in. They have grown to have an unparalleled musical connection since

John joined the group during a concert when he jumped on stage with his saxophone and decided to play along on that spot.

After working with a couple different drummers and bassists, the group finally landed on Ethan and Hayden to play in the band.

Ethan is a very thoughtful drummer who very carefully chooses each touch he makes on a drum, which is essential to Current Entertainment’s sound that we know today.

Hayden is a classical guitar major who uses his knowledge of music to ride under each song and add a tasteful layer of complexity to the music.

Along with Hayden, Eric is also a classical guitar major at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Also in the school of music, John is a jazz saxophone major at Indiana University


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