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The soul-pop collective Helpling is proudly making its mark on the Indianapolis scene. With diverse influences ranging from John Mayer and Allen Stone, to the bonafide rock and r&b legends of yesteryear, the band went into the studio with the goal of blending these diverse sonic signatures. It’s pop music, but with a deep pocket, slick passion, and sprinkles of 70’s and 80’s nostalgia. The band’s vocals belt powerfully over the mix, telling stories of self-discovery, love, loss and political outcry–universal ideas with which everyone can instantly connect. There’s a playful conscientiousness to their work that flirts with deeper thinking, but never sacrifices its heart: finding an understanding and settling into a groove. Their new self-produced single, No Controller, captures the group’s live energy and saucy musicianship on tape.

May 3
The Ultimate Doors
HI-FI Annex
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