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Jacob Lafever is a soul pop singer-songwriter whose music is characterized by soaring vocals and tasty melodies. With highly personal and authentic lyrics, his music spans a wide range of topics from the intense and emotionally deep, to the relaxed and playful. Like so many vocalists today, Jacob grew up singing in church and has heavy gospel influences, and also draws inspiration from a diverse set of musicians like Ms. Lauryn Hill, Prince, and Fleetwood Mac. Jacob’s music covers a wide range of styles and flows freely between genres.

Jacob’s new ep ‘Deep Shade’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Deep Shade is the first multi-track studio project from Jacob Lafever, and is a collection of anecdotes written to music from his true life. Each song is meant to capture a different state of being any person could find themselves in, from flying high up on top of the world to feeling six feet under, and just about everything in between. The soulful and relaxed tone of the record is underscored by the need to experience and process the real problems that come with living, but ultimately to live life in view of the good. The title ‘Deep Shade’ is inspired by the state of mind Lafever occupied while writing the music for this project and as he lives daily; “The difficulty of life is outweighed by its beauty, but you have to choose to see it that way. You can choose to remember a spot under an oak tree when it’s windswept and frozen, or on a shady, breezy, warm summer day in June. Both are real and both happen, but the way you hold that place in your mind changes the way you feel about it. Cherish it for that place in the deep shade in June so that when winter comes around, you’ll make it through to June again.”

Apr 17
Ross Hollow
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