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Over ten years ago, Juice Falls was created on the sleepy southside of Indianapolis, Indiana and has been too loud for its neighbors ever since. Juice Falls is an exciting mix of grunge and emo rock, with heavy amounts of spacy effects, soft 80s inspired moments, and features honest lyrics that anyone can relate too. Co-lead singers and guitar players, Jay Brodzeller and Bern Eagan create an exciting back and forth with singing and playing, lead guitarist Brady Arnold provides smart and catchy leads, while John Parkison pounds the drums and Spencer Grow slays the bass to create the groove and feel of the band.

Juice Falls breaks out smooth synth and keyboard layers that could be out of an 80s time capsule, while still having loud grungy rock out sections that gives their music an exciting pace and groove throughout leaving the listener wanting more.

Oct 20
summerbruise w/ Leisure Hour & Juice Falls
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